Over the period of two years, Bruce Wyman was the Director of Technology managing a multi-million dollar budget and resources in order to develop the technology infrastructure of an entirely new showcase building designed by world-renowned Daniel Libeskind as his first American commission. A small team was assembled with the task of designing the creative execution of technology-based experiences leveraging the efforts of the in-house curatorial, design, and education teams. Each experience was unique, often leveraging new forms of technology including vision sensing, RFID, OpenGL, magnetic sensing, and more. In additional to the in-house technical team, Wyman worked with a handful of select media developers and provided critical guidance and creative direction and review to ensure that the finally executed experiences felt cohesive and engaging for visitors.

After opening the museum, the new experiences were incredibly well received by visitors and broke the tradition of what you would normally find in an art museum. The work had been well operationalized and the internal staff structure required to develop and maintain the experiences became a normal part of the institutional work flow.

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