I’ve had the good fortune to work in a handful of senior positions which have afforded me the chance to learn and engage with large teams of experienced professionals on complex and tricky problems. Ranging from short-term solutions to long-term strategic engagements and implementation, I offer a range of services.

Digital Strategy

digital strategyMy development of a cohesive digital strategy starts with reviewing all of the existing technology systems and infrastructure, staff interviews and discussions, and review of the organization’s strategies, goals, and future planning. The end result is a view of digital implementation for the next five years covering staff planning and reorganization, changes in existing systems and infrastructure, specific technology projects (including gallery, web, and mobile), and a materials for fund-raising.

Relevant projects include:

Museum & Exhibit Building & Planning

Drawing upon my strong exhibit design and development background, I provide full range of building and exhibit planning development, ranging from media production management, project management, oversight of AV and IT infrastructures, content strategy and development, and RFP management and review. Often, these services overlap in practice and can cover both a very high level and very tactical and specialized range.

Relevant projects include:

Digital Innovation

innovationDigital innovation is a recurring thread throughout my work; I enjoy working with clients who wish to push the envelope of the museum experience. Bringing my knowledge of possibilities of design and the details of implementation, I help clients conceptualize and implement experiences that engage and delight visitors. This work is best positioned at an early integration point with a broad development effort but can also be used for specific process improvements and refinements.

Relevant projects include:

Engagement Analytics

analyticsThis process begins to look at the existing methods of gathering data around the museum and visitor experience, including reports from business systems, evaluation research, and technology platforms. With this foundation, I develop new metrics, tools, and skills in cooperation with staff to ask better questions, set long-term key performance indicators, and evolve the behavior of the organization in response to this deep analysis and understanding.

Relevant projects include:

Content & Experience Production, Design, & Strategy

contentSome of my projects tend to flex more on the creative side of experience, engagement, and storytelling. In these instances, I provide a thoughtful review of sequencing of a mobile application or directing the look and feel of a video narrative, or simply brainstorming new exhibit possibilities and digital interfaces. This process includes the full creative range from original concept and collaboration through development and into final installation and review.

Relevant projects include: