Monticello is best known as the home and architectural masterpiece of Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration of Independence and the 3rd President of the United States of America. The main building along with its furnishings, adjoining dependencies and cultivated gardens is a national and international treasure of enormous significance as recognized by its appearance on the reverse of the U.S. Nickel and its designation as a UNESCO World Heritage site.
]The initial scope of work with Monticello was to develop the RFP for a new mobile application intended to add an additional layer of content and context to the mountaintop at Monticello. While the early focus of work was on a strategic partnership and how to best frame the RFP process to find a vendor that would creatively think with the organization, the work continued after the project award into experience review and testing of the experience onsite through to the eventual launch.

The ongoing discussions and development segued into a larger scope of work, to help identify the digital strategy of the organization, doing a review of existing practices, engaging with each department to identify aspirations, and then working through a working charrette with invited museum colleagues to brainstorm new models of engagement. The resulting report are being realized within the organization including an emphasis on digital goals, staffing, budgeting and projects over the next five years.

Scope of Responsibility: RFP Development and Review, User Experience & Content Review, User Testing, Digital Strategy, Exhibit Consulting

Duration: Spring, 2014 — Spring, 2016

Location: Charlottesville, VA